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Constellation Photos & Videos

One of the really nice things about hosting this website are the photos and videos that arrive on a continuing basis from folks wanting to share them. Some are current, while others go back to the Lockheed factory in the mid-1940’s. While I use some on the “Constellation News” page, not all can be used and I’ve created this page to collect and share these items with visitors to this website. I hope you enjoy them.

1980-90’s Vintage Constellation Photos – May 13, 2022

Jim Buckwalter recently forwarded photos of C-121B N608AS/48-608 taken at Ryan Field, AZ in 1987 and N73544/54-156 taken at Fox Field, CA in the summer of 1995. N608AS was used as a parts donor for Mel Christler’s and Harry Oliver’s restoration of C-121A Columbine II and was scrapped at Ryan Field on January 11, 2002. N73544 was owned by the Constellation Historical Society/Benny Younesi and based at Camarillo, CA at the time. It flew on the US airshow circuit during the 1990’s and was sold to the Swiss organization Super Constellation Flyers Association in 2004. Flown to Switzerland in April 2004, it graced the European airshow circuit until 2017 when it was grounded due to wing corrosion issues. It was sold to the German company Meirer Motors in July 2019, disassembled and moved by road to Germany in November 2019. While Meirer said they planned to make the aircraft airworthy, little has been heard of the aircraft since its move to Germany. Here are Jim’s reports and photos.

"I was working for ARDCO at Ryan Field, AZ in 1987 getting DC-4 T151 N460WA ready to go on contract. N608AS had made its last flight from Falcon Field, AZ to be a donor plane for Eisenhower’s Air Force One/Columbine II. Sitting beside it C-121A N494TW/48-609, which I’m sure you know well. At this time I believe it belonged to John Travolta."
"A long time ago during the summer of 1995, I was sitting on a fire contract with ARDCO Super DC-4, T119 N406WA at Fox Field in Lancaster California. In comes Bennie Younesi’ s C-121C N73544. They got a clearance to pull into the tanker base to get N73544 cleaned up for an air show. Old 544 looked very good on its visit. Got a look inside and again the old girl was remarkably clean."

R3350 Test Stand Engine Runs – November 22, 2021

As reported on March 9, 2021 and January 25, 2020, Patrick Smart recovered two R3350 engines salvaged from the burned remains of L1049G 5T-TAF, which had been set ablaze by vandals on January 30, 1997. The engines, along with other items not consumed by the flames had originally been salvaged by the Malta Aviation Museum Foundation before making their way to the UK. Patrick acquired the engines and restored one of them to working order.

One of the more difficult items to find for the project was a prop dome. Patrick was able to source one from Karl Stoltzfus, but it wasn’t the correct model. I asked him how he was able to overcome this problem. "I used the dome that Karl supplied and we made some shims to allow us to use the dome, the 43h60 hub and blades together. It works a treat and I think its fitting that the dome that Karl supplied is fitted to the engine. I am going to get a brass plaque made for Karl with some appropriate words as a mark of respect."

Patrick recently emailed me links to two YouTube videos, one produced by Historic Aero Engines and the other video posted on his YouTube channel. Have a look…you won’t be disappointed.

Up Close and Personal Starliner Photos – November 21, 2021

Peter Brill visited South Africa’s Rand Airport and photographed South African Airways Museum's L1649A Starliner ZS-DVJ. Of all the interesting classic Propliners at Rand Airport, the Starliner is Peter’s favorite! The aircraft appears to have survived her disassembly and roadtrip from O. R. Tambo International Airport to Rand unscathed and a repaint would make her truly stunning. Kudos to the museum for saving this iconic aircraft.

NEC-121 BuNo 128324 – November 4, 2021

Stephen Miller recently sent me a group of photos of NEC-121K BuNo 128324, which had a long career with the Naval Research Laboratory based at NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. The photos range in date from July 1963 to October 1972 and show the aircraft in three different color schemes. It was delivered to the U.S. Navy in January 1954 and retired to Davis Monthan AFB in August 1974 with only 6,711 hours. It was sold to Allied Aircraft in June 1981 and by February 1984 was only a memory. Many thanks to Steve for sharing the photos.

N1005C at Prestwick – October 30, 2021

Neil Aird sent me an interesting photo of L1049E N1005C taken by Gordon Macadie at Prestwick, Scotland sometime in the early 1960’s. Gordon wasn’t quite sure of the date of the photo but thought it was taken around 1960 or 1961. I dug out some photos and it appears that the photo was taken some time after July 1962, when it was photographed at Idlewild/JFK with Interocean titles, and December 1963 was it photographed at Idlewild/JFK in Transtate colors. Gordon’s photo shows the aircraft with its Interocean titles painted out, which suggests it was most likely taken after coming off lease to Interocean.

TCA Super Connie Arriving in Tampa – October 29, 2021

Glenn Hyde recently sent me a link to a short video of him arriving at Tampa Airport in a TCA Super Connie in 1958 or 1959. ”I have a very old video probably dating from 1958 or 1959 of myself arriving Tampa and deplaning. I flew all by myself at about age 8 from Toronto to Tampa on a TCA Connie and I was met by my parents upon arrival. My father had a small Kodak 8mm movie camera and captured the aircraft pulling up to the gate and me deplaning with a TCA stewardess. I was still wearing my winter coat and looking forward to a Florida holiday with my parents who had driven down a few days earlier. You are welcome to post it and save it from this link if you like.”

1960's Era Constellations and Super Constellations – April 29, 2021

Canadian photographer Eric Roscoe has an extensive Propliner photo collection including many Constellations and Super Constellations. He recently sent me a sample taken during the 1960s at various locations in Europe.
  • VC-121A 48-612 Wiesbaden, Germany May 21, 1967
  • VC-121A 48-612 Wiesbaden, Germany May 21, 1967
  • VC-121A 48-614 Wiesbaden, Germany May 21, 1967
  • C-121G 54-4048 Frankfurt, Germany June 12, 1968
  • R7V-1 BuNo 131635 Prestwick, Scotland December 20, 1965
  • L1049G BG577 Paris (Orly), France June 2, 1967
  • L1049G D-ALID Frankfurt, Germany May 20, 1967
  • L1049G EC-BEN Paris (Orly), France June 1, 1967
  • L1049G F-BGNC Paris (Orly), France June 1, 1967
  • L1049G F-BHBB Paris (Orly), France June 2, 1967
  • L1049H CF-NAJ Prestwick, Scotland December 20, 1965
  • L749 G-ALAL Gatwick, England July 23, 1966
  • L749A G-ASYS Bagington, England June 20, 1965
  • L1049G N4903C Frankfurt, Germany May 20, 1967
  • L1049H N5404V Shannon, Ireland June 26, 1964
  • L1649A LX-LGZ Gatwick, UK May 14, 1966
  • L049 G-AHEL Ringway, England August 1963
  • L749A G-ASYF Bagington, England April 1, 1967

    Pre-Jet Era Constellation Photos – March 24, 2021

    Mac Hayes shares some of his Constellation photos from the late 50's/early 60's.
  • Kansas City Municipal (MKC) N7103C TWA "Star of Buckingham" at dusk - 1955
  • Anonymous TWA Super Connie at Kansas City Municipal Airport (MKC) - 1955
  • TWA L1049 Super Connie on a Newark to Kansas City flight - 1961
  • Kansas City Skyline - Anonymous TWA L749 landing to the southwest at Kansas City Municipal Airport (MKC) - 1955
  • N6902C TWA "Star of the Seine" - 1954 - it was involved in the mid-air collision over Grand Canyon on June 30, 1956
  • Departing Tachikawa AB for Wake Island and Hawaii - February 1961
  • Fuel stop at Honolulu International Airport enroute from Tachikawa AB to Travis AFB - February 1961
  • Just off the runway at Honolulu International Airport - February 1961
  • Climbing out on departure from Honolulu International Airport - February 1961

    Yankee Air Museum Rescues a Willy Victor – March 8, 2021

    The Yankee Air Museum's rescue of EC-121K BuNo 141311 from the defunct Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum in 2017 undoubtedly saved the aircraft from a date with the scrapman. This YouTube video documents the move from disassembly at the Chanute Museum in Rantoul, Illinois to the aircraft's arrival and reassembly at the Yankee Air Museum in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

    HARS Super Connie Engine Start – March 3, 2021

    It’s been thirty years since Australia’s Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) undertook the rescue of the last Super Constellation stored at Davis Monthan AFB. The restoration to an airworthy condition and the epic trans-Pacific flight was a monumental effort and today C-121C VH-EAG is the only flying Constellation left in the world. To commemorate that anniversary, HARS recently posted a very nice YouTube video including some 1990’s vintage photos and a very smoky startup of the aircraft’s four R3350 engines.

    Qantas Founders Museum Video – January 20, 2021

    I recently received a message from Australian aviation enthusiast David Wood regarding the January 14th release of a YouTube video produced by Paul Stewart. The video beautifully illustrates the amazing transformation of the former "Manila Connie" by the Qantas Founders Museum. The airplane had been abandoned at Manila Airport for 30+ years and was in real danger of being scrapped when the museum stepped in and rescued it. Disassembled in Manila by a team of volunteers, the aircraft was transported to the museum by road and ship, where it was lovingly restored and placed on display as VH-EAM "Southern Spray." For more information about this amazing rescue and restoration, check out the March 28, 2020 news item and other news items on Constellation News Archive pages for the years 2014 thru 2019 .

    "I thought this video tour of the ex USN R7V1/C121G, now owned by the Qantas Founders Museum, might interest you."

    "The museum has done a brilliant job."

    "The museum has left the military fit nose wheel landing lights in situ and has not fitted the spinner after bodies on the nose of the engines behind the propellers."

    "Obtaining the correct nose undercarriage door with the integrated landing light, as fitted to commercial Super Connie’s fitted with a weather radar nose, would be nigh on impossible today. Ditto for the spinner after bodies."

    "These points are really only important for model makers, trying to build a model of a L1049H and using either the HARS and the former Breitling C121C's, or the QFM Connie , as their reference aircraft. The AHM L1049H is the Connie to use for that."

    "It is great that another Super Connie has been saved, even if it will never fly again"

    TWA Hotel Starliner – January 13, 2021

    Bob Everett photographed N8083H while transiting through JFK Airport in February 2020. If you're ever changing planes at JFK and have the time, a visit to the TWA Hotel to see the Starliner is well worth the price of admission (FREE!). The hotel is easily accessible from any of the terminal buildings via the Air Train that circles the terminal area.

    Building the Super Constellation Video – July 24, 2020

    The 16-minute 1950’s era Lockheed produced video provides an interesting insight how the Super Constellation was built and how far we’ve come in the past 60 years.

    First Post-Restoration Flight of SAC Super Connie – July 10, 2020

    John Reed created this very nice 32-minute YouTube video capturing still photos of the late 1980’s restoration of L1049H N6937C and its first post-restoration flight on July 17, 1989. The aircraft was rescued from a Mesa, Arizona boneyard by the Kansas City based Save-A-Connie organization and restored to 1950’s era TWA colors. It was a frequent visitor to U.S. airshows from 1990 to 2005 when an engine fire during a ground runup grounded the aircraft.

    Lufthansa L1649 Super Star "Comeback of a Legend" – April 19, 2020

    Before Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr pulled the plug on the project in March 2018, the folks at Lufthansa were very proud of their effort to restore L1649A Starliner N7316C and produced this very nice four minute promo video. It's not good to dwell on things that could have been but it sure would have been nice to have had an airworthy Starliner!

    R3350 Engine at Malta Air Museum – April 18, 2020

    Alan Lewendon visited the Malta Aviation Museum on November 27, 2019 and photographed one of the R3350 engines from former TAP L1049G Super Constellation CS-TLC. Given the false registration 5T-TAF, the aircraft was used to fly contraband into Nigeria during the Biafran Airlift. The aircraft was impounded at the airport in Luqa, Malta in February 1968 and towed to the nearby town of Kirkop in January 1973. Converted to a restaurant/bar, it opened for business in June 1974. The restaurant/bar closed in 1988 and the aircraft was burned by vandals on January 30, 1997. The Malta Aviation Museum Foundation purchased the remains, including the wings, undercarriage and engines and some of these items, including the engine are on display at the museum. For additional photos, check out Marc Lehmann’s account of his September 16, 2008 visit to the museum.

    Warner Robin EC-121K Looking Good – March 28, 2020

    Mark Stevens sent me a March 1, 2020 photo of EC-121K BuNo 141297 taken at the Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins, Georgia. Led by Gerald Durbin, volunteers from the Naval Aircraft Restoration Foundation (NARF) restored the interior of the aircraft and gave the exterior regular TLC during semi-annual encampments at the museum. I don’t know if they are still doing this…does anyone know? A few years ago the museum was looking to rid itself of larger aircraft displayed outdoors since they are expensive to maintain. The Super Connie was on the disposal list so it’s good to see that it is still at the museum and appears to be well taken care of. It's interesting to note that while the aircraft is painted in USAF markings, it's actually former USN BuNo 141297. While it’s not a Constellation, I’ve also included Mark's photo of C-54G 45-0579, which is on display next to the Super Connie.

    Super Connie Featured in Fort Taunas Ad – March 28, 2020

    I recently received an email from Neil Morrison with an advertisement for a 1956 Ford Taunas featuring a photo of a Lufthansa Super Constellation. “I'm sending you a photograph to be added into your site. An Insurance Company called Shannons here in Australia specializes in insuring classic & vintage cars, bikes & trucks. They have a Club magazine call RETROAUTOS that has interesting articles associated with the above. A segment of the magazine looks at advertising in particular and I noticed in an edition last year a photograph of a Constellation as part of an advert for a Ford Taunas that was sold in Europe. I thought it might be interesting for you as it also shows the name of the airport but I cannot see the aircraft ID number.”

    New Qantas Safety Video Features HARS Super Connie – March 6, 2020

    Constellation enthusiast Gary King recently forwarded a link to the new Qantas Centenary Themed safety video, which features the HARS Super Connie VH-EAG.

    São Tomé Super Connies – March 3, 2020

    Riku Helppi visited the airport at São Tomé on January 31st and February 6, 2020 and photographed former Nordair Super Constellations CF-NAL and CF-NAM. These aircraft had been used during the Biafran Airlift and were abandoned at São Tomé in early 1970 after the conflict ended. Rather than being scrapped, the aircraft have been “repurposed” as a restaurant and bar. While the exteriors of both aircraft are in desperate need of some TLC, the restaurant appears to be open for business. Many thanks to Riku for allowing me to post the photos and to Antti Hyvärinen for forwarding the photos to me.

    Chino Connies – January 23, 2020

    Powell Brown visited Chino Airport in 2019 and forward a photo of Lewis Air Legend's C-121A 48-613/N422NA "Bataan" that is being restored at the Planes of Fame Museum. He was told that the plan is to have the aircraft restored to an airworthy condition by 2022. He also visited the Yanks Air Museum on the airport and photographed EC-121T 53-548/N548GF, which appeared from the photo to be in very good condition. The aircraft was ferried from Camarillo to Chino on January 14, 2012 and has not flown since. Many thanks to Powell for sharing his photos.

    Swiss Super Constellation Flight Simulator – January 5, 2020

    My friend Bob Trumpolt sent me a link to an interesting YouTube video featuring the Super Constellation flight simulator at the Runway 34 Restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland. The simulator is located adjacent to Zurich Airport's runway 34 (hence the name) and the forward fuselage of C-121C HI-548CT was used to create it. This aircraft was severely damaged on September 22, 1998 in Santo Domingo when it was struck by C-46 HI-503CT during Hurricane George. It was scrapped in 1999 with many parts, including the forward fuselage, salvaged by Francisco Agullo for use on the SCFA’s Super Constellation HB-RSC. I had lunch at the restaurant this summer while visiting friends in Zurich. Bob is a retired TWA captain who started his career at TWA as a Constellation flight engineer and wrote about his flight engineer experiences in an article published on this website.

    Late 1960's Aerial Photo of Fox Field – December 24, 2019

    I’ve seen this iconic aerial photo posted many times on the internet. It’s the California Airmotive storage yard at Fox Field in Lancaster, California taken in the late 1960s and I thought it would be a great photo to include on this website. There are 30+ Constellations and almost as many DC-6/7 type aircraft in the photo. While a few aircraft escaped to fly again, most met their fate at this desert airport. When I visited the airport in 1977, there was not one remaining. Oh boy was I disappointed!

    Portugese Museum Super Connie Forward Fuselage - December 23, 2019

    Antti Hyvärinen visited the Museu Do Ar in Sintra, Portugal on December 14, 2019 and forwarded some interesting photos of a Super Constellation forward fuselage, landing gear and R3350 engine on display at the museum. The fuselage is from L1049G c/n 4640, which was delivered to Lufthansa in as L1049G D-ALEC in March 1956. Given the false registration 5T-TAK during the Biafran Airlift in the late 1968's, the aircraft was later abandoned and broken up in Lisbon, Portugal. Restored and displayed that the TAP Museum in Lisbon for a number of years, the aircraft has been on display in Sintra since 2011. If Antti's photos are any indication, it appears to be in very good condition.

    Former MATS Connie – December 5, 2019

    Mike Holdstock recently posted this November 7, 2019 photo of former "MATS Connie" C-121A N494TW at Jeju Island, Korea on Facebook. The aircraft was donated to Korean Airlines in 2005 and flown from Tucson to Korea in April 2005. Painted in Air Korea colors with a HL4003 registration, the aircraft appears to be in good condition.

    Dutch Aviodrome Connie – September 15, 2019

    Jonny Bens visited the Dutch Aviodrome in August and sent the following note with some photos of L749/C-121A
    N749NL. “My name is Jonny Bens and I live in Belgium. Last month we were at the Aviodrome museum, which houses an L749 Constellation registered N749NL. The museum is rearranging the collection to update the interior and collection. I’ve the attached some pictures of N749NL.

    Mesa-Falcon Field Connie – September 15, 2019

    Peter Gates sent me a photo of C-121A N608AS with the following note. ”I stumbled on your site while doing some research on N608AS and thought you might appreciate this scan of the aircraft. I won the slide on eBay and it appears to be shot in February 1981 at an unknown location. The slide is on a Kodak mount and it looks like the name J. Kimberley was originally written on it.” Based on the photo date and the background, I think it’s a fairly certain bet that the photo was taken a Mesa-Falcon Field near Phoenix, Arizona.

    Save-A-Connie and HARS Super Connies - September 15, 2019

    David Wood forwarded a photo of Save-A-Connie L1049H N6937C taken in May 1991 when he visited then SAC President Frank Fitzgibbon at the organization’s headquarters in Kansas City. The extended radar nose had been installed but the aircraft still carried SAC titles. The other two photos are of C-121C VH-EAG at the Avalon Airshow on March 3, 2017.

    Swiss Super Connie at Airshows in 2016 - July 17, 2019 (Updated September 26, 2019)

    Jürgen Schelling recently sent me some 2016 photos of SCFA Super Connie HB-RSC ---> I'm sure you noticed that Swiss Connie HB-RSC was sold to a group of German Aviation enthusiasts who want to have the Connie back flying in three years. The aircraft will be restored at Eschbach-Bremgarten Airport near the Black Forest in southwestern Germany. The Connie visited this airport three years ago during the Summer of 2016 giving scenic flights. The first two photos are from Eschbach-Bremgarten and the last from Freiburg, Germany.
    Jürgen Sent me some additional photos taken at Eschbach-Bremgarten Airport in 2015.

    Save-A-Connie Super Connie at Oshkosh - May 9, 2019

    Michael Conron sent me this stunning photo of L1049H N6937C taken at the Oshkosh Airshow sometime in the early 1990s. Michael thinks that the photo was taken in 1991 and this makes sense since the extended radar nose was installed in January 1991 and the aircraft still carried SAC titles. TWA titles replaced the SAC titles in 1996.

    KLM Super Connie Video - April 5, 2019

    Albert G. Hoogslag forwarded an interesting 1958 video of a KLM Super Constellation operating on the Amsterdam-Beirut-Karachi-Bangkok-Manilla-Tokyo route. The video was made by Guus Oldenboom (1918-2013), who was a flight engineer at KLM. Many thanks to Albert for providing the link.

    C-121J Pegasus at McMurdo Station, Antarctica - March 7, 2019

    The Warbird Information Exchange website has a page with some interesting photos of C-121J BuNo 131644 Pegasus that crashed at Williams Field, McMurdo Station, Antarctica on October 8, 1970 while attempting to land in zero visibility with winds gusting to over 40 mph.

    Mid-90's Camarillo Connie – February 17, 2019

    Del Mitchell has been sorting through old photos and came across these of C-121C N73544 taken during its Constellation Historical Society days in the mid-1990's when it was owned by Benny Younesi. As most of you probably already know, this aircraft was flown to Switzerland in April/May 2004 and is currently owned by the Super Constellation Flyers Association and registered HB-RSC.

    The Scrapping of Florence Air & Space Museum EC-121K – February 8, 2019

    I was going through my old Constellation Historical Society (CHS) photos and I found some that John Arp and I took in April or May of 1998 at the Florence Air & Space Museum. I had received a call from Brian Hicks in March of 1998 asking if CHS would be interested in getting parts off EC-121K BuNo 141292 before the plane was scrapped. Brian explained that the museum had closed and a grass fire had damaged the airplane's fuselage. He had won the bid on the airplane bit had to remove it in 30 days otherwise it would be scrapped. Brian was only interested in the nose section to the leading edge of the wing roots and we could have anything else. I discussed this with Benny Younesi and he was in favor of John and me making the trip to Charleston. John was a Captain for United Air Lines, so we got space available tickets. We rented a 25 foot Ryder truck and spent a week in Florence getting parts off the airplane. The truck was full when we left Florence. I am attaching photos of us dismantling the aircraft. I didn’t see any photos of 141292 on your website after the fire in Florence, so maybe you can use mine. Thanks Del for sharing this bit of history and your photos.

    Constellation Photo Tour – January 26, 2019 (February 6, 2019 Update)

    TJ Courtney Bertling has been visiting various locations around the United States photographing Constellations and was kind enough to share some with me. The first row of photos is VC-121A 48-613/N422NA Bataan that is owned by Lewis Air Legends and is undergoing a comprehensive rebuild at Fighter Rebuilders in Chino, California. The second row includes photos of L749A N1206 at Salina, Kansas. The aircraft is owned by Gordon Cole and has been stored for many years at the airport after being retired by the FAA. The third row includes photos of EC-121T 52-3418/N4257U, which has been displayed at the Combat Air Museum in Topeka, Kansas since the early 1980’s. The fourth row includes photos of EC-121K BuNo 141311 which arrived at Yankee Air Museum in July 2017. The museum is currently undertaking a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the cosmetic restoration of the aircraft. Many thanks to Courtney for sharing her photos.

    Air France Starliners - November 20, 2018

    Air France operated a fleet of ten L1649A Starliners on long distance routes beginning in August 1957. Quickly made obsolete by the jet age, they had a very short tenure with the airline with the last aircraft being withdrawn from service in January 1964. Most were stored at Orly Airport and, with the exception of F-BHBK “Lafayette”, all of Orly aircraft were scrapped in 1967. F-BHBK was used for fire practice until late 1985 when it was finally scrapped. Guillaume Robin sent me a photo of F-BHBK sitting on the Orly Airport fire dump in August 1972. He also sent photos of panels that were removed from F-BHBN “La Motte Cadillac” and are part of his collection. This aircraft was scrapped at Orly in August 1967. Many thanks to Guillaume for sharing his photos.

    Very Special Photos from 1958 – October 25, 2018

    Eelco Groenenberg has been a regular contributor for a number of years and he recently forwarded a couple of very special photos. In addition to including a Super Connie, what made the photos so special was that they were of his parents boarding KLM Flight KL865 the day after they were married in October 1958. “I’m still a regular visitor of your fantastic website. Since your archive of pictures is still growing I would like to make a small contribution. The enclosed picture of KLM L1049G PH-LKF, s/n 4630 Phoenix, was taken October 9th, 1958 at Zurich airport enroute from Schiphol (Amsterdam) to Rome, with final destination Tokyo. It was the wedding flight of my parents, Arie and Anneke, who were married the day before. At that time, my father and mother where both KLM employees and therefore were entitled to fly First Class. It was a great experience for my mother because she had never flown before! Note that during this time period, 1st class passengers always boarded last.” I’d like to thank Eelco and his father Arie for allowing me to share these these very special photos.

    Quimper Super Connie - October 25, 2018

    Roger Poland forwarded some October 2018 photos of former Air France Super Connie F-BHBG, which has been parked in a field in Quimper, France for over 40 years. With the exception of engines, the aircraft is essentially externally complete but 40+ years exposed to the elements has taken its toll on the aircraft. A few years ago the outboard vertical stabilizers fell off and the right wingtip has been damaged. Many thanks to Roger for sharing his photos.

    VC-121 at Valle, Arizona in May 2015 - October 25, 2018

    The Planes of Fame Museum in Valle, Arizona was the home of VC-121A 48-613 Bataan for over 20 years before being acquired by Lewis Air Legends in April 2015. Ed Bass visited Valle in May 2015 and photographed the aircraft shortly after it was acquired by Lewis. "On May 31, 2015 I happened to see, to my surprise, a Connie at this small airport down from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. It turned out to be the “Planes of Fame Air Museum” in Valle, AZ. I spoke to the daughter of the founder and was allowed to walk around all of the museum areas. The Connie had been taken off of the tour for about 30 days, which was a big disappointment." The aircraft was made airworthy and ferried to Chino Airport in January 2016 and is currently undergoing a complete restoration. Ed was kind enough to forward his photos to me for inclusion on the website.

    VC-121A Under Restoration at Chino Airport - September 4, 2018

    Ron Vader visited Chino Airport on September 3, 2018 and forwarded some photos of 48-613 Bataan, which is undergoing a complete restoration at the Fighter Rebuilders facility. Thanks much to Ron for sharing his photos.

    National Airline History Museum Photos – August 19, 2018

    Daniel Metcalf emailed photos he took of L1049H N6937C at the National Airline History Museum on June 27, 2018. Daniel reports that a museum guide told him that the museum would be running the engines later this summer but there are no near term plans to fly it. Thanks much to Daniel for sharing his photos.

    Qantas Founders Museum Releases Video – August 7, 2018

    The Qantas Founders Museum recently released a short video on Facebook showing the rescue, transport and restoration of their Super Connie. For more information about this exciting restoration, check out the QFM website.

    November 1952 Photo of Columbine II – July 22, 2018

    Maria Minster recently emailed a photo of Columbine II that she said was taken in Korea in late 1952. I checked with Peter J. Marson and sure enough, Columbine II 48-610 was used by President Dwight D. Eisenhower for a Far East trip in November 1952. It’s interesting to note that, while the aircraft name had been applied to the nose, the familiar yellow Columbine flower had not. This is probably the result of the aircraft having only been assigned to the president shortly before the Korean trip was undertaken. After being converted to a VC-121A in late 1949, the aircraft was assigned to the 1254 ATS (Special Missions) at Washington National Airport in February 1950. Prior to Eisenhower’s November trip, the aircraft had been used primarily by the Secretary of the Air Force. Many thanks to Maria for forwarding this very interesting photo.

    LeBourget L749 Photos – October 30, 2017

    Antti Hyvärinen recently forwarded photos that his friend Juha Klemettinen had taken of L749A F-ZVMV on October 22, 2017 at the Musée de l'air et de l'espace (Air and Space Museum) at Le Bourget Airport in Paris. The museum has stripped the paint off the airplane down to the aluminum surface so hopefully this might mean that there is some type of restoration effort going on. The last photos I had of the aircraft were from 2012, when quasi Air France colors had been applied. Many thanks to Antti and Juha for sharing these photos.

    Chanute EC-121K – September 6, 2017

    A crew from Worldwide Aircraft Recovery arrived at the defunct Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum in Rantoul, Illinois in early June and by mid-July EC-121K BuNo 141311 had been disassembled and transported by road to its new home at the Yankee Air Museum in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Kevin Walsh, Nate Gallagher and the Yankee Air Museum provided photos documenting the event.

    Super Constellation Flyers Association Appeal for Contributions – August 30, 2017

    The folks at the Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA) need your support to return Super Constellation HB-RSC to the skies in 2018. The Breitling Super Connie was grounded for the 2017 airshow season as the result of a number of maintenance issues. Due to the additional maintenance costs and the loss of 2017 airshow and member flights revenue, SCFA has initiated a campaign to raise the funds necessary to complete the immediate repairs along with the maintenance and inspections scheduled for the upcoming winter months. As part of the campaign, they have produced a YouTube video appealing for contributions.

    U.S. Navy C-121J at Kobler Field on Saipan – August 13, 2017

    The U.S. Navy operated a large fleet of R7V-1 Super Constellation transport aircraft, which were redesignated C-121Gs and C-121Js in October 1962. Lowell Boothe photographed R7V-1 BuNo 131654 back in the day and his son Gary recently emailed the photo. ”I thought you might be interested in the attached photo of BuNo 131654, which was assigned to VW-1 Squadron on Guam. My father took this photo around 1960 at Kobler Field on Saipan when he was a school teacher working for the Navy civilian administration. I was very interested to learn from your website this was one the Connies from the Classic Air venture.” Gary is correct in that the aircraft was one of two former military Super Constellations acquired by Ascher Ward in 1981. His plan was to base the aircraft at Van Nuys Airport in Southern California and fly Japanese tourists on 90 minute sightseeing flights to the Grand Canyon. Everything looked like it was falling into place until the FAA announced that it would not approve a Van Nuys based Part 125 operation, insisting instead on a Part 121 operation conducted from a larger airport such as Los Angeles International. This killed the venture and N27189 was sold to Dominican operator Aero Chago in 1988 and registered HI-532CT. The aircraft was damaged beyond repair in June 1990, when it suffered a nose wheel collapse while landing at Santo Domingo. It was subsequently used for spares and eventually scrapped. It's interesting to note that this same aircraft was involved in a similar situation in 1964, while in service with the U.S. Navy. The flightcrew took a novel approach and damage to the aircraft was minimal. A full account of the incident and some photos can be found on the VW-1 All Hands Alumni Association website.

    The other Classic Air Super Connie was N1104W (former USAF C-121C 54-177), which is currently on display at the Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center in West Virginia ANG colors. For more information about Classic Air, check out the Benny Younesi article on this website.

    Ill-Fated KLM L1049C Super Connie – August 11, 2017

    On September 5, 1954, KLM L1049C PH-TFY crashed into the shallow waters of The River Shannon shortly after taking off from Shannon Airport. While the fuselage remained essentially intact, 28 of the 56 persons onboard drowned after being overcome by avgas fumes. The cause of the crash was determined to be the inadvertent extension of the landing gear after power was reduced and flaps were partially retracted during the initial climb. This set up a near stall condition and the aircraft essentially mushed into the river. Paul Zogg forwarded two photos of the aircraft. One taken at Idlewild Airport in New York (now JFK International) during the summer of 1954 and a second taken of the aircraft in The River Shannon shortly after the crash.

    Lufthansa Starliner Restoration YouTube Video – August 3, 2017

    Lufthansa Flyer TV published a very interesting video in March 2017 about the overhaul of the engines, propellers and spinners for L1649A N7316C. While there have been off and on rumors over the years about the viability of this massive restoration project, I think it’s safe to assume that Lufthansa is totally committed to seeing this project through completion!

    Helena EC-121T Photos – August 3, 2017

    Nigel Hitchman recently completed an epic roadtrip, which included visits to museums, boneyards and airports in South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Colorado. In addition to capturing some stunning scenic photos, he managed to photograph an amazing array of interesting aircraft. One of his stops was the airport in Helena, Montana, where he photographed EC-121T 52-3417/N4257L, which has been a fixture at the airport since March 1981. The lighting conditions were perfect and Nigel made the most of the excellent conditions. The results are some gorgeous shots of a rather weary looking airplane. The EC-121T was acquired by the Castle Museum in early 2014 and the museum plans on having it disassembled and transported by road to California by Worldwide Aircraft Recovery in the fall of 2017.

    Columbine II Video – July 13, 2017

    Before VC-121A 48-610 Columbine II was rescued from the Arizona desert by Karl Stoltzfus in 2015/16, things were not looking good for the aircraft and the grandson of former owner Mel Christler created a video to get the word out on the plight of the historic aircraft. Tim Crowley’s efforts were successful and the aircraft was made airworthy and flown to Bridgewater, Virginia in March 2016, where it is currently undergoing restoration. Dan Elliott recently forwarded me a link to the video. I will be in Bridgewater in late July and will add some current photos to the website.

    Lufthansa Photos – July 13, 2017

    Harald Kern recently emailed me some photos of Lufthansa Super Connies and Starliners taken in the late 1950's/early 1960's. The first photo was taken on February 14, 1964 and shows L1649A D-ALAN in Hamburg after being returned from a lease to World Airways. The aircraft is still in full World colors and wearing N45512, which is its US registration while on lease to World. This aircraft is currently on display at Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight in Polk, Florida in faded Lufthansa colors and registered N974R. The second photo is L1649A D-ALUB taken in Hamburg on March 29, 1964 painted in full Lufthansa colors after being returned from a lease to World Airways. The third photo is of an unidentified Starliner taken at Idlewild Airport (now JFK) in New York on July 12, 1959.
    The first photo in the second group is of an unidentified L1049G Super Constellation also taken at Idlewild Airport in New York on July 12, 1959. The next two photos are of a late 1950s Lufthansa advertisement extoling the virtues of the airline's new "Super Star" L1649A aircraft.

    1990s Era "Camarillo Connie" Photos – June 24, 2017

    Jean-Louis Delezenne recently sent me some 1990's era photos of C-121C N73544 taken at the home base of Benny Younesi's Constellation Historical Society (CHS) in Camarillo California. This aircraft is now owned by the Super Constellation Flyers Association (SCFA) and carries the registration HB-RSC. It is based in Switzerland and is one of only two active Constellations. The first two photo were taken in the fall of 1993 when the restoration of the aircraft was wrapping up. The next two were probably taken shortly after the restoration was completed in the spring of 1994, but before it was painted in the colors it wore for 17 years before being repainted by SCFA in 2011. The remaining photos were most likely taken in the mid- to late-1990's in Camarillo.

    Yanks Air Museum and Peterson Air & Space Museum EC-121T's – June 24, 2017 (updated June 29, 2017)

    Tim Chaloner recently visited the Yanks Air Museum in Chino, California and the Peterson Air & Space Museum in Colorado Springs, Colorado and forwarded some very nice photos of EC-121T's 53-548/N548GF and 52-3425. It's interesting to note that when early model EC-121's were upgraded to EC-121T configuration, some retained the upper radome while others had the radome removed. 53-548 had its radome removed while 52-3425 kept its radome. 53-548 arrived at Yanks Air Museum on January 14, 2012. The aircraft had been grounded in Camarillo, California for almost 12 years and, after a herculean multi-year restoration effort, which included a protracted battle with the FAA FSDO office in Camarillo, the aircraft successfully completed the short ferry flight from Camarillo to Chino. Although potentially airworthy, it has remained grounded since arriving and its January 2012 flight will probably go down in history as the final one for the type.
    52-3425 was one of the last active military EC-121's and was assigned to a reserve unit at Homestead AFB, Florida until retired in October 1978 and flown to Peterson AFB for display at the museum. The aircraft is well maintained and is on display in the garden-like setting of the museum. The beautiful blue sky background made for a very nice photo!

    "Manila Connie" arrives at the Qantas Founders Museum - June 24, 2017

    David Wood and Ron Cuskelly forwarded photos of Manila Connie arriving at the Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach, Australia on May 24, 2017 after a long sea and land journey. The photos were taken by Dave McKenzie and Tom Harwood. Also included are two photos of the fuselage after its protective covering had been removed on May 26th.

    VC-121E Columbine III at the NMUSAF – June 5, 2017

    My good friend Eric Alchowiak was visiting the National Museum of the USAF in May and a sent me a composite photo of VC-121E 53-7885. The aircraft was the third VIP Constellation type aircraft utilized by Dwight D. Eisenhower and was moved to the new Presidential hangar at the museum in April 2016. Eric stitched three photos together using Microsoft Ice software, which comes in pretty handy when photographing aircraft in the tight confines of a museum.

    Terry Rodell's Super Connie Photo Collection – March 26, 2017 (Updated June 29, 2017)

    Terry Rodell recently sent me a nice selection of Super Constellation photos. The first is of Biafran Airlift veteran ”5T-TAF” in Kirkop, Malta, where it had been converted for use as a restaurant in the mid-1970's. The photo was taken in April 1995 after the restaurant closed but before vandals set it afire and destroyed it in January 1997. The Malta Aviation Museum Foundation has purchased the remains of the aircraft, which included the wings, undercarriage and engines. The next photo is of former Lufthansa L1049G D-ALIN which was taken at the Hermeskeil Museum at Mosel, Germany in August 2013. The aircraft was retired by Lufthansa in July 1967 and was on display at Hamburg Airport from 1967 to 1980 when is was disassembled and transported by road to Mosel. It has been on display at the museum since 1981.
    The next set of photos are of L-1049G F-BGNJ/F-BRAD taken in Nantes, France. The first two were taken in August 2000 and the third sixteen years later in August 2016. The former Air France aircraft was retired by CATAIR in 1973, ferried to Nantes a year later and put on display. The 2000 photos show the aircraft looking a bit worse for wear and painted in Air France colors with her CATAIR registration F-BRAD. Luckily, it was rescued by a dedicated group of enthusiasts, who have since restored it back to its former glory as evidenced in the 2016 photo. Check out some additional recent photos of the aircraft posted in the Constellation News page.
    Terry photographed former Indian Navy L1049G IN315 at the Naval Aviation Museum in Goa, Indian in about 2003 and more recently in Feburary 2017. The aircraft was delivered to Air India in 1955 and went on to serve with the Indian AF from 1961 to 1976 when it went to the Indian Navy and converted for maritime reconnaissance use. Retired by the navy in 1983, it went to the museum in 2000. The aircraft was in pretty sad shape in 2003 but has been restored and is currently on display at the museum as shown in Terry's February 2017 photos below.
    Here's some updated photos of IN315 taken by Terry on February 28, 2017. Its great to see that the old girl is in good condition and being well taken care of
    Any finally, the SCFA Breitling Super Connie HB-RSC at the ILA Airshow in Berlin, Germany in May 2004, a month after she arrived from the United States and still registered N73544.

    Korat EC-121R Photos - April 13, 2017

    Ruud Leeuw forwarded me some photos he received from Gordon Tatro (USAF MSgt-Retired) taken at Korat, Thailand during the Vietnam War. ”This is a launch from the airplanes I worked on at Korat,Thailand 1969-1970. The EC-121R ACFT would fly orbits over Laos, Cambodia, and North and South Vietnam. They had about 8 sensor operators (flight crew) who would listen to transmitters dropped into the jungle...when they picked up an indication of troop movements (Ho Che mhen Hanoi Trail) they would vector in F4 Phantom jets and blow the area up...then we would drop more transmitters. Check out Ruud’s website for additional information about the photos and the ops at Korat.

    Video of Nantes Super Constellation – April 11, 2017

    Pierre Biron recently posted a link on Facebook to an interesting YouTube video about Amicale du Super Constellation's L1049G F-BGNJ, which is on display at Nantes Airport in France. The video shows both the interior and exterior of the aircraft, and while it is in French, it is well worth viewing for those not conversant in French.

    More Mac Hayes Photos – March 31, 2017

    Mac Hayes forwarded more photos taken while he was a military and civilian air traffic controller in the US and Japan from the mid-1950's to early 1960's. Look at how close Mac was able to get to the TWA Constellations in the photos he took from the observation deck at MKC! Unfortunately those scenes cannot be replicated in today's environment of jet bridges and ultra-secure airports. The far right photo on the second row of TWA photos was taken by Mac while on final approach to SFO on what was the first leg of his journey to Tachikawa AB in July 1959.


    Photos of HARS Super Connie at the Avalon Air Show – March 26, 2017

    I received the following short Facebook message from David Wood with some photos of VH-EAG at the Avalon Air Show. "A few photos for you from Avalon, March 3rd. She looked glorious doing her twilight take offs."

    Video of Starliner N7316C in Action with Alaska Airlines – March 24, 2017

    Angela Schmidt, who is a film archivist at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Alaska Film Archives, sent me a link to a really interesting video of Starliner N7316C landing and taxiing in Kotzebue, Alaska back in the 1960’s, while in service with Alaska Airlines. Kotzebue is north of Nome and it sure looks desolate. I wonder if Alaska Airlines ran a scheduled service there or if this was just a charter flight. Anyhow, this short video preserves a fascinating snipit of both Alaskan and Constellation history.

    Avalon Airshow Photos – March 8, 2017

    Rob Tracz recently posted a number of very nice photos on Facebook of HARS Super Constellation VH-EAG at the Australian International Airshow held at Avalon Airport on 3-5 March 2017. He was kind enough to allow me to post them on this website.

    Kansas City Municipal (MKC) Photos – March 1, 2017

    Mac Hayes grew up in the Kansas City area and was fortunate enough to experience the propliner era at both Kansas City Municipal and Fairfax Municipal Airports from 1946 onwards. While serving in the USAF as an air traffic controller, Mac was assigned to the tower at Topeka, Kansas from 1956-1959. After being discharged from military, he became a civilian air traffic controller and was assigned to FAA control towers at both Kansas City and Fairfax Municipal (KCK) Airports during 1961-62. The photos of the stored L049 Constellations and the Braniff C-46 were taken at MKC during the winter of 1961-62 while the photo of passengers boarding L049 N6008C was taken at MKC in 1958.

    Drone Photos of Nantes Super Constellation – February 20, 2017

    Pierre Planel sent me some interesting photos of Super Constellation F-BGNJ taken from a drone. The aircraft is owned by Amicale du Super Constellation and is on display at Nantes Airport in France. Over the years the group has spent a lot of effort restoring the aircraft and proudly displays her to the general public during regular open houses.

    VC-121A 48-614 Crew Photo – February 16, 2017

    Dwight Snider passed along this interesting photo of VC-121A 48-614 and her crew. This aircraft served as General Dwight Eisenhower’s aircraft before he was president and was the first of three aircraft used by Eisenhower that he named Columbine. 48-614 is currently on display at the Pima Air and Space Museum. "I thought you might be interested in this photo. My father was stationed at Washington National Airport during WWII. He was a 1st Lieutenant in the ATC. His duties were to provide cabin crews for Special Missions, Foreign, and for the President of the US. As he put it he was “the” flight attendant. After the war he chose to be an NCO in the 1254th ABW. He was called on to be the enlisted man witnessing the signing of the National Security Act of 1947, aboard President Truman’s presidential aircraft Independence. He served as Flight Attendant and Supervisor at the 1254th and the 89th MAW at Andrews. This is a photo of the SHAPE Flight Section VC-121A, 8614, stationed at Orly Airport, France. Depicted are the 1953 crew members. This was after Ike returned to the US but before he asked (then) Major Draper to be his pilot. The plane was the first Columbine, but it appears to carry General Ridgeway’s or General Gruenther's flag. The kneeling men are Center, Major Harkness, Co-pilot, and right, Major William Draper, Pilot. Standing left I believe is Sgt. Woodward, in the center is my father M/Sgt. Dwight E. Snider, Sr. I think the next is M/Sgt. “Red” Schell, and then M/Sgt. Lou Larson."

    1958 Vacation Photos - February 2, 2017

    I received the following email message and photos from Carl Kuhns. “I believe these photos were taken in 1958 when my parents traveled on a trip to Europe. I do not know how good these photos will show up as they were stored in a hot attic for many years. I believe that the aerial photo of the #1 engine and the tip tank of the TWA constellation appears to be taken over New York city and the Irish Air Line Constellation may have been photographed in Ireland.”

    The first photo appears to have been taken at LaGuardia Airport in New York City and I agree with Carl that the aerial photo was taken over New York City. L1049E N1005C survived and is on display at the AMC Museum at Dover AFB as a C-121C. After being retired by Capitol Airways, it was sold to Jim Flannery, moved to Penndel, PA and sat atop his restaurant as a cocktail lounge for 30 years. Here’s a link to a photo history of the airplane.

    Linea Aeropostal Venezolana (LAV) L049 – January 14, 2017

    Alejandro Irausquin recently sent me an email reminding me that I didn't have a photo of L049 survivor N2520B when she was in service with the Venezuelan airline LAV back in the early 1950’s as YV-C-AME Simon Bolivar. He included a photo from Paul Zogg’s collection and a 1947 video showing the aircraft along with YV-C-ACA at some sort of ceremony in Havana, Cuba.

    Constellation Historical Society Super Connie - December 7, 2016

    Back before she was the Breitling Super Constellation, this former USAF C-121C visited airshows in the western United States from 1994 to 2003 and was known as the Camarillo Connie. The Swiss based Super Constellation Flyers Association acquired the aircraft in December 2003 and she is one of only two fully airworthy Constellations. Stan Gidaszewski was kind enough to forward three photos of the aircraft taken at the Hawthorne Air Fair held at Jack Northtrop Field on August 16, 2003.

    Greenwood Lake Constellation - August 31, 2016

    Charly Prevost visited Greenwood Lake Airport in West Milford, New Jersey on August 25, 2016 and sent me some photos of Constellation N9412H. The aircraft is one of only four surviving L049 Constellations and was Air France’s first Constellation when delivered in June 1946. It was operated by TWA from 1950 to 1959 as N9412H and flew for a number of smaller airlines before being flown to Greenwood Lake Airport during the winter of 1976/77. Originally converted for use as a restaurant/lounge it is currently used as an office for a flight school. Check out the video of the airplane landing on the airports short 2,700 foot runway.

    Scrapping of Lufthansa L1049G D-ALAP in February 1967 – August 16, 2016

    Harald Kern shared some photos of the scrapping of Lufthansa L1049G D-ALAP in Frankfurt, Germany. The aircraft was scrapped in February 1967 at the Lufthansa Base in front of the old Hangar 3 (Butterfly Hangar), which has since been demolished and replaced with a new passenger terminal. While any photos of a Constellation being scrapped are a bit unsettling, it is important to preserve them for posterity.

    Breitling Super Connie at Dübendorf, Switzerland – July 2, 2016

    Paul Zogg forwarded some great photos of the Breitling Super Connie in action at Dübendorf, Switzerland on July 1, 2016. HB-RSC completed her scheduled annual winter maintenance and received flight approval from the Swiss Federal Air Office on April 27, 2016. Although there have been some flight cancelations due to bad weather this spring, it's evident from Paul's photos the Super Connie definitely put on quite a show at Dübendorf.

    Former AMSA Super Constellation HI-542CT– July 1, 2016

    I received an email the other day from airline pilot Chris Carey who had spotted former AMSA Super Connie HI-542CT on a recent trip to Rafael Hernández Airport (BQN) in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. "I'm an airliner pilot and while taxiing to the terminal at BQN last night the Captain and I both immediately recognized the distinctive three tails of a Connie on the ramp. This morning we walked over to the airport and at first went to the new Lufthansa maintenance hangar as the Connie is parked closest to it. The security guards connected us via telephone to somebody inside the building who said that they did not control the airplane and that the airport authority owned it. We then went to the Copeca Jet Center where a very nice gentleman offered to drive us out to the airplane. He told us that Lufthansa had it moved out of the remote area that it had been stored in a couple of months ago and that they are contemplating using it as a static display or possibly some sort of conference room. The airplane is in very poor condition, it is obvious that there has not yet been any work performed on it. Even in such a poor state the airplane is still beautiful, at night it looks like it is parked on the ramp waiting for its next flight."

    Munich Super Constellation F-BHML – June 4, 2016

    Antti Hyvärinen recently visited Munich, Germany and photographed former Air France L1049G F-BHML, which is on display at the airport in 1950's era Lufthansa colors as D-ALEM. As can be seen from the photographs, the aircraft is in excellent condition, both inside and out.

    1960's Era BuNo 141311 Crew Photo – June 3, 2016

    I received an interesting email from Navy veteran Jack Schrager with a crew photo taken alongside WV-2/EC-121K BuNo 141311. The photo was taken Hawaii in about 1963 when the aircraft was assigned to the Pacific Missile Range Facility. "The attached photo shows the flight crew of 141311 when attached to PMRF Hawaii. I had the pleasure of being the Flight Engineer on this magnificent machine for three years. My time in the beautiful constellation began in 1956 when I was assigned to VW 13 and flew the Atlantic Barrier up until they decommissioned that squadron. I was reassigned to the Navy's original Hurricane Hunter squadron (VW-4) and flew "Connies" for five years out of Jacksonville, Florida and Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico where the squadron was moved to in 1960. I joined PMRF Hawaii in 1963 and once again got back in the flight station of these 3 tailed wonders. Thank you for your website and the memories that it brings to an old retired ADR." As many readers might know, 141311 faces a uncertain future now that the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum has closed. It would be very expensive to disassemble the aircraft and move it to another museum and there is a very real possiblity that it could be scrapped.

    Control Tower Photos from Tachikawa AB – March 10, 2016

    I received an email and photos from Mac Hayes, who was stationed as a control tower operator at Tachikawa AB in Japan in 1960. "I knew Constellation N1206 c/n 2613 at Tachikawa AB, Japan, in 1960 as "N120" an FAA navaid flight-check aircraft. This plane was notable to me for having outboard vertical stabilizers and rudders from a L-1049…at least they were taller than standard L649/749 vertical fins. Here is my photo of N120 on the runway at Tachikawa AB. And while I am at it, AF 80612 and 80613, also in 1960 at Tachikawa. I was a control tower operator and these photos are all from the control tower."
    Mac is correct about the vertical stablizers on N120. This aircraft was one of two prototype WV-1 aircraft built for the U.S. Navy based on a L749 fuselage with larger Super Constellation vertical stabilizers. The larger vertical stabilizers were required due to the large upper and lower radomes installed on these aircraft. The U.S. Navy retired both in 1957 and they went to the CAA (now FAA) as N119 and N120. Used by the FAA for navaid calibration, they were retired in 1966 with N119 being scrapped in the early 1970's and N120 currently in storage at Salina, Kansas as N1206. 80612 (48-612) was restored in 2001/02 and flown to Holland, where it is currently on static display at the Aviodrome in Lelystad. 80613 (48-613) was sold to Rod Lewis in April 2015 and ferried to Chino, California in January 2016, where it is currently undergoing restoration. Rod plans on putting her on the airshow circuit when the restoration is completed in 1-2 years.

    1969 EC-121R Crash Landing at Otis AFB – March 9, 2016

    Les Kenyon recently dusted off some old photos of a landing accident involving EC-121R 67-21476 that occurred on January 24, 1969 at Otis AFB. Les recalls the incident: "I remember being called out to secure the area and it was very foggy. After the fog burned off as the sun came up, I remember the clean and straight cut off tree tops of the short pines and the plow marks in the ground showed how it had spun and came to a stop I think within 100 yards of the runway. BTW...The young handsome fella on the right in one of the photos is me." Thirty former U.S. Navy EC- 121s were converted to EC-121Rs by Lockheed Air Service at Ontario, California in 1967 and used for collecting reconnaissance data in Southeast Asia. Most were assigned to the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing, which was activated at Otis AFB in 1967. The aircraft wore tactical green/brown camouflage colors and had both their upper and lower radomes removed. The aircraft were deployed to Korat and U-Tapao, Thailand with training being conducted at Otis using C-121C and EC-121R aircraft.
    Larry Westin has an excellent website which has lots of information about EC-121R operations with the 553rd Reconnaissance Wing at Korat. The website also includes the first two pages of the USAF official accident report of the January 1969 landing incident at Otis.

    SCFA Super Constellation Photos at EuroAirport – January 19, 2016

    Matthias Pühl is fortunate to live near EuroAirport, where the Breitling Super Constellation is based during the summer flying season. He recently sent me some photos taken at the airport on October 3, 2015.

    Christler Flying Service Constellations in August 1973 – November 29, 2015

    Michael Kenney was recently going through some vintage 1973 New Mexico Department of Agriculture documents that were ready to be trashed when he came across some very interesting photos of Christler Flying Service Constellations N9464 and N9466. The photos were taken in August 1973 when the two aircraft were under contract to apply Malathion and Sevin insecticide to New Mexico rangelands. The Connies were capable of spraying 2-3,000 gallons of insecticide per mission with the insecticide being carried in fuselage tanks and dispersed through over-wing spray booms. While he isn’t 100% sure, Michael believes that the photos were taken at Roswell, New Mexico. N9464 went on to become the MATS Connie and is currently on display at the Korean Air training facility at Jeju Island, South Korea. N9466 crashed while on approach to Harry Truman Airport, St. Thomas, VI on October 26, 1981, with the wreckage sinking in about 150 feet of water off the coast. I’d like to thank Michael for saving the photos and then forwarding them to me for publication. If not for his efforts, they would have been lost forever.

    KLM Super Constellation Photos – November 27, 2015

    Wouter Geusebroek worked at Fokker Aircraft during the 1960’s and sent me a photo of L1049G PH-LKR being scrapped in an area next to the Fokker factory in 1964. It was delivered to KLM in June 1953 as PH-TFR “Electron” and withdrawn from service a short eight years later in July 1961. Its registration was changed to PH-LKR in February 1954. KLM retired its Super Constellation fleet in August 1962 after utilizing the type for only a relatively short time. While some were sold to other operators in 1962/63, by early 1966 all were gone with at least 15 being scrapped at Schiphol Airport. Walter also sent a group of photos of PH-LKY after it crashed two miles from Shannon Airport in the shallow waters of the River Shannon estuary shortly after taking off for New York on September 5, 1954. While damage to the aircraft was relatively minor, 28 of the 56 on board drowned after being overcome by avgas fumes. It had been delivered to KLM as PH-TFY “Triton” in August 1953 with its registration changed to –LKY in March 1954.

    1959 Photos of Lufthansa Starliner D-ALER at Idlewild Airport - October 26, 2015

    Dan Elliott sent me some fascinating photos of Lufthansa L1649A Starliner D-ALER taken by his father in 1959 at the old International Arrivals Building at Idlewild Airport (now JFK) in New York. His grandmother flew to Germany onboard the Starliner in the spring of that year and returned to the U.S. a few months later in the fall. Both flights were on D-ALER. The first six photos show passengers boarding the aircraft followed by the engines running and finally the aircraft taxiing out for departure. In addition to the Starliner there are a number of other interesting aircraft in these photos including an Alitaila DC-7C and a KLM DC-7C and Super Constellation parked at the terminal waiting to board passengers. A photo of the Starliner taxiing away from the terminal also includes a Cubana Britannia and an Eastern M404. The last two photographs were taken when Dan’s grandmother returned from Germany in the fall of 1959 and it’s interesting to note that everyone is dressed in their Sunday best outfits. Today’s travelers take a much more casual approach! D-ALER went on fly with World Airways and Trek Airways before being scrapped in Johannesburg in June 1970.

    EC-121K BuNo 141311 at Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum – October 22, 2015

    Joe Kokes visited the Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum on October 3, 2015 and forwarded some interesting photos of EC-121K BuNo 141311. It's amazing how much electronic equipment was crammed into these aircraft. The heat generated must have been tremendous. Hopefully this iconic aircraft can be spared the scrapman's axe.

    EC-121K BuNo 141311 at Octave Chanute Aerospace Museum – September 28, 2015

    Mike Hatcher sent me some recent photos of EC-121K BuNo 141311, which has been on display at the Octave Chanute Museum for many years. As reported on the website on April 29, 2015, the museum is closing on December 30, 2015 and the future of this aircraft and others in the collection is very much in doubt.

    VC-121E 53-7885 "Columbine III" at the National Museum of the USAF – September 21, 2015

    Nick Franga visited the National Museum of the USAF on September 13, 2015 and emailed a report and some very nice B&W photos. ”Earlier in the week I made a trip down to Dayton to the USAF museum to visit Columbine III in person. I thought I’d make the trip before the hangar closes in October to begin the move of the presidential planes over to the new hangar that’s almost done. This was the first time I’ve ever been up close to a Super Constellation, and boy was she a majestic sight! Photographing Columbine was the most exciting bit of aviation photography I’ve been able to do this year after having a total bust with multiple airshows around Ohio. She’s a curvaceous delight to capture on my camera, and to be able to photograph a plane with no barricades and minimal obstructions was the highlight of it all. The other presidential VIP planes were equally as fascinating, though nothing can come close to the beauty that the Connie possesses."

    VC-121A 48-613 "Bataan" at Planes of Fame Museum in Valle, AZ – August 29, 2015

    Simon Youens visited the Planes of Fame Museum annex in Valle, Arizona on August 23, 2015 and forwarded the following photos to me. The aircraft is being prepared for a ferry flight to Chino, California where it will undergo restoration. The aircraft's new owner, Lewis Air Legends, plans on putting this historic aircraft on the airshow circuit after restoration is complete.

    Rare L049 Constellation N2520B in Santa Cruz, Bolivia – August 23, 2015

    There hasn't been any recent photos published of L049 Constellation N2520B and I was beginning to think that it might have been scrapped. The good news is that it is still located in the same park in Santa Cruz, Bolivia as evidenced by a group of photos Leny Castillo recently emailed me. This Constellation one of only four L049 that have managed to survive into the 21st century and its great to see that it is still being taken care of. For more information about this aircraft, check out the Constellation News page of this website.

    Super Connie N4247K Awaits Shipment at Ninoy Aquino International Airport – August 21, 2015

    Anton Andres recently visited Ninoy Aquino International Airport sent me some photos of C-121J N4247K, which is awaiting shipment to Australia for preservation at the Qantas Founders Museum. "Good day sir, I recently visited Ninoy Aquino International Airport for a domestic flight via seaplane. Imagine my surprise when I saw this right beside the hangar where the seaplanes were stored. It was nice to hear that Qantas is finally rescuing this Constellation to its former glory.”
    For more information about the project, check out the museum’s website and the Constellation News page of this website.

    Sad End for Former PNA/Western L749 Connie in Kenai – July 20, 2015

    Mike Walton sent me some very interesting photos of former PNA/Western L749A N1552V after it had been chopped apart in Kenai, Alaska. This aircraft was one of six L749A Constellations operated by Pacific Northern Airlines and later Western Airlines when the two airlines merged. It was scheduled to make the last Constellation flight from Anchorage to Juneau on November 26, 1968 and made the outbound flight to Juneau, where it went unserviceable. The return trip to Anchorage was made by Constellation N86525 and that flight ended scheduled passenger operations in North America. N1552V was donated to the City of Kenai for display but enthusiasm for displaying the aircraft waned and it was scrapped in the late 1980’s or early 90’s. “I recently came across these pictures. I flew as a flight engineer on this plane with Pacific Northern Airlines and Western Airlines. It was donated to the City of Kenai, Alaska in late 1968 when Western phased out the six Connies they had. After years of sitting at the airport, the town decided they didn't need this bit of Alaskan and aviation history. I flew the MATS Connie a couple of times and got to know Vern Raburn. I sent him the pictures and contacts hoping he could do something with the aircraft. He had an idea to work with the Museum of Flight in Seattle to bring the aircraft to Seattle but unfortunately those involved in Anchorage didn’t follow up with him and it was chopped up in the late 80’s or early 90’s. This was a former BOAC aircraft with electric props. The pictures of 52V were taken by the son of Maury Goeff, who was the chief mechanic in Anchorage for PNA in the 1950’s and 60’s. I don’t know the name of the fellow in the pictures. I believe the pictures of 52V were taken in Kenai as the airport probably had the wreckage carted away. I ferried two of the Western Connies to Las Vegas in November/December of 1968 for storage.”
    It’s a real shame that this historically significant aircraft wasn’t saved but unfortunately in the late 1980’s there wasn’t a whole lot of interest in preserving Constellations; especially one that had become derelict.

    World Airways L1649A at Wake Island in 1963 – June 8, 2015

    As a young USAF airman, Rob Honeycutt had the good fortune of experiencing a memorable (and long) flight on World Airways L1649A Starliner N45512 from Travis AFB in California to Kadena AFB on Okinawa. “I thought you might like to add this photo to your site. I took it in February 1963 as I rode this Connie from Travis AFB-Honolulu-Wake Island-Kadena, Okinawa…quite a long trip. I was in USAF at the time headed to Kadena AFB, Okinawa. This was a great plane and I loved the ride! I think we were up in air over 10 hours on the last leg from Wake to Kadena! Glad to see that the plane survived the axe!” The aircraft is currently on display at Fantasy of Flight in faded Lufthansa colors and was on an 18-month lease to World Airways from Lufthansa when Rob traveled aboard her back in 1963.

    Super Connie Model Sits atop Pennsylvania BP Gas Station – June 8, 2015

    For 30 years Super Constellation N1005C sat atop a restaurant alongside US 1 in Penndel, PA. The aircraft was removed from the restaurant and disassembled in July 1997 after the property had been sold to the Amoco Oil Company. Rather than selling the airplane for scrap, the company donated the Super Constellation to the AMC Museum at Dover AFB, where it was restored and is currently on display as a C-121C military transport. An Amoco gas station was built on the property and Chuck Grube recently sent me a photo of the gas station (now BP), which includes a sizeable Super Constellation model on top of the station’s sign. I wonder how many of the thousands of folks that pass by the gas station every day realize what that model signifies. For lots more photos and information about the aircraft, check out the November 2009 article on this website.

    Super Constellation VH-EAG at 2013 Australian Airshows - April 6, 2015

    Peter Soderstrom sent me photos of C-121C VH-EAG. The first group of photos were taken at the 2013 Temora Air Show and the second group was taken at the 2013 Avalon Air Show.

    SAA Museum L1649A Parts at Rand Airport - March 28, 2015

    Michael S. Prophet visited the South African Airways Museum at Rand Airport on March 1, 2015 and photographed engines and empennage parts from Starliner ZS-DVJ. The main fuselage is parked at Johannesburg International Airport, where it is awaiting transit to Rand Airport. Michael asked to photograph the fuselage but this was not possible due to its being parked in a military area. For more information about the aircraft and the museum’s effort to have it moved to Rand, check out the August 6, 2014 report on this website.

    L749A F-ZVMV at the 2003 Open House at the Musee d'Air - March 27, 2015

    Back in February 2004, during the very early days of this website, I received an email from Christophe Tabourin offering to send me photos of L749A F-ZVMV. Christophe had taken the photos at the 2003 Musee d’Air Open House, which was held on September 20, 2003. At the time I had nowhere to post the photos and, after saving them to my hardrive, I unfortunately forgot about them. Eleven years later, I came across them while cleaning up some files and decided they would be perfect for this page.

    BuNo 137890 Being Prepped for 1985 Ferry Flight - March 25, 2015

    Robert Alan Carter sent me photos of BuNo 137890 being prepped at Davis Monthan AFB for a October 1, 1985 ferry flight to Tinker AFB, OK. The aircraft is currently on display at the Heritage Air Park Museum at Tinker marked in USAF colors as 0-30552.
    Robert's photos reminded me that I had received some great photos of the EC-121's ferry flight and arrival at Tinker AFB from my friend Marty Hall back in March 2011. The photos were taken by Steve Link, who has also shared them on Facebook and other aviation related websites. Note that the #3 prop was feathered when the aircraft arrived at Tinker AFB.

    Former TAP Super Connie at Faro, Portugal - March 1, 2015

    George Riedesel sent me these photos of former TAP L1049G CS-TLA taken at Faro, Portugal some time between 1989 and 1991. After retirement from TAP, the aircraft flew in the Biafran Airlift as 5N-83H until abandoned at Faro in 1969. It was converted to a restaurant in 1981 and was open until at least 1986. By 1989 the aircraft was disassembled and stored at the airport. It was burned by vandals in 1999 and the remains were moved to a scrapyard a year later.

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