Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N1206 c/n 2613

L749A N1206 October 1972 L749A N1206 July 17, 2003 L749A N1206 July 9, 2009
Still in basic FAA colors at Salina, Kansas in October 1972 (Ron Mak) Over thirty years later still looking good at Salina, Kansas (RM Pettersen) #3 engine starts with a large plume of smoke on July 9, 2009 (RM Pettersen)
  • Current registration - N1206
  • Delivered to USN August 1949 as WV-1 BuN 124438
  • One of two WV-1's delivered to the Navy that were essentially prototypes of the later Super Constellation based WV-2's
  • Retired by USN and flown to Litchfield Park for storage March 1957
  • To CAA (predecessor to FAA) February 1958 as N7624C
  • To FAA June 1958 as N120
  • Radomes removed and converted for use as a "calibration" aircraft
  • Retired by FAA by spring 1966
  • Registered N1206 July 1966
  • Sold to Kansas Surplus Property December 1966
  • To Shilling Institute, Salina, KS February 1967 for use as a technical trainer
  • To Air International August 1978
  • Restoration underway in late 1970's
  • Impounded at Salina for non-payment of taxes
  • Sold at auction to Express Airways Inc November 1981
  • To Gordon Cole/Society of Vehicle Preservation August 1985
  • Restored to airworthy condition and an attempt to fly to Sherman, TX was made on November 8, 1992
  • Flight aborted due to engine problems and aircraft returned to Salina, KS with #1 engine shut down
  • Stored at Salina Airport
  • Gordon Cole began working on engines in December 2008. #1 engine removed from aircraft
  • Engine work continued during 2009 with #3 and #4 engines successfully run up and replacement for #1 engine built up and ready for installation
  • #1 engine installed June 2016

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