Lockheed Constellation Survivors

L649/749 Constellation

48-610 at Santa Fe Feb2002

The L649 and L749 were the first true commercial Constellations and received their type certificate in March 1947. Essentially an iterative development of the L049, the type certificate was an add-on to the L049 certificate. Delivery of the first L649 went to Eastern Airlines in May 1947 with Air France receiving the first L749 a month earlier in April 1947. Pan American operated the first L749 service in June 1947 when it inaugurated its Round the World service using a leased L749 (NC86520 c/n 2503). The L749 was essentially a L649 with an additional 1,130 gallons of fuel for longer range. Only fourteen L649 s and six L649A s were produced for Eastern and Chicago and Southern. Most aircraft were upgraded to L749A standards sometime during their lifetime.

An interesting note is that in 1947, with orders for the Constellation at low ebb, Lockheed was considering canceling the project. The US Air Force placed an order in September 1947 for ten C-121A/B s, essentially L-749 s, which kept the production line going until more civilian orders were forthcoming.


F-ZVMV c/n 2503--->On display Musee de l'Air, Le Bourget Airport, Paris, France

N7777G c/n 2553--->On display Science Museum at Wroughton, England

N494TW c/n 2601--->On display at Jeju Island, South Korea in 1950's Air Korea colors

N8610 c/n 2602--->To Dynamic Aviation May 2015 and flown Avra Valley, AZ - Bridgewater, VA March 21-23, 2016 for restoration

N749NL c/n 2604--->On display in airworthy condition at the National Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport, The Netherlands

N422NA c/n 2605--->To Lewis Air Legends April 2015 and ferried Valle, AZ - Chino, CA January 14, 2016 for restoration. Successful post restoration test flight completed on June 20, 2023

48-614 c/n 2606--->On display Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, AZ as "Columbine I"

N1206 c/n 2613--->Stored Salina Municipal Airport, Salina, KS

CN-CCN c/n 2675--->Stored Anfa Airport, Casablanca, Morocco


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