Lockheed Constellation Survivors

5N-83H (CS-TLA) c/n 4616

L1049G CS-TLA August 12, 1958 L1049G 5N-83H August 1985 L1049G 5N-83H October 1999
Awaiting passengers at London Heathrow Airport on August 12, 1958 while in service with TAP, Portugal's flag carrier (Ian MacFarlane) In use as a restaurant at Faro Airport in August 1985. Like so many other similar airplane restaurant ventures, it just didn't catch on (Paul J. Hooper) The restaurant was closed by 1989 when the aircraft was disassembled, stored and eventually destroyed by a fire set by vandals in fall 1999 (Luis Rosa)
  • Final registration - 5N-83H
  • Delivered to Transportes Aereos Portugueses (TAP) July 1955 as L1049G CS-TLA
  • Named "Vasco de Gama" in 1960's
  • Retired September 1967
  • To International Aerodyne Inc September 25, 1967 and flown to Miami, FL as CS-TLA
  • Registered N8338 by International Aerodyne in July 1968
  • Used on Biafran Airlift as early as November 7, 1968 when it was noted at Lisbon with the false registration N-53H
  • To Jack A. Crosson on November 21, 1968
  • To Phoenix Air Transport as "Endeavour"
  • Withdrawn from use at Faro, Portugal by November 13, 1969 where the registration 5N-83H was noted
  • Stored at Faro where, by spring 1977, aircraft was derelict with interior stripped
  • Renovated 1981 for use as a restaurant
  • Still in use as a restaurant in 1986 but dismantled and stored at airport by August 1989
  • Burned by vandals fall 1999
  • Remains moved to scrapyard for disposal 2000

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