Lockheed Constellation Survivors

VH-EAG c/n 4176

L1049F VH-EAG October 24, 1994 L1049F VH-EAG July 7, 2002 L1049F VH-EAG July 7, 2002
Outside the Lockheed hangar at Tucson International in October 1994 prior to painting (Graham Robson) On final approach to the airport at Wollongong, Australia on July 7, 2002 (Craig Murray) Posing for cameras on a beautiful day at the 2007 Avalon Air Show (Daniel Klein)
  • Current registration - VH-EAG
  • Delivered to USAF MATS Atlantic Division October 1955 as C-121C 54-157
  • To Mississippi ANG July 1962
  • To West Virginia ANG February 1967
  • To Pennsylvania ANG March 1972
  • Retired and flown to Davis Monthan AFB for storage March 1977
  • For sale at auction November 1983, August 1984 and February 1985
  • Due to a large amount of bird droppings covering the interior, scrap dealers were not interested in purchasing aircraft and it became the last Constellation stored at Davis Monthan AFB
  • To USAF Museum February 1985 and accepted by Travis Air Museum. Never delivered
  • Traded it to the Museum of Victoria/National Air and Space Museum of Australia (NASMA) in November 1991 for a Bristol Beaufighter
  • Australia's Historical Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) teamed up with NASMA to restore the aircraft
  • Moved from Davis Monthan AFB to the Pima Air and Space Museum April 1992 for restoration
  • Registered N4115Q August 1994
  • Ferried DMAFB to Tucson International Airport September 21, 1994 and N4115Q cancelled on September 22, 1994
  • Registered VH-EAG on September 23, 1994 and named "Southern Preservation"
  • Lockheed Aeromod Center at Tucson painted aircraft in Qantas color scheme, less Qantas titles, November 1994
  • Flown from Tucson, AZ to Sydney, Australia January 24 to February 3, 1996
  • Handed over to HARS by NASMA February 21, 1997
  • Based at the Illawarra Regional Airport near Wollongong and flies regularly on the Australian airshow circuit

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