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Part 3 - Willy Victors (WV-2) and EC-121's

February 2009

Steve Miller took up aircraft photography back in the 1960s and has put together a wonderful collection of vintage aircraft photos, including Lockheed Constellations and Super Constellations. Many of his photos were taken during military service around the world and Steve has supplemented his photos with those obtained by trading with other aviation photographers. Access to military bases and flight lines was a lot more relaxed in the 1960s and 70s, which afforded Steve some very interesting photographic opportunities. Steve currently resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia where retirement has given him the opportunity to catch up on 35 years of back projects! Part 1 includes photos of Constellations while Part 2 includes photos of Super Constellations in passenger/cargo service and Part 3 includes photos of EC-121 and other special use aircraft. Thanks Steve for sharing your collection.

Ralph M. Pettersen
February 2009

Photo Credits: Stephen Miller, Roger Besecker, Bill Sides, Jack Morris, Frank MacSorley, Don Jay, Douglas Slowiak, David Menard, Jim Morrow, Mick Roth, Steven Zink, Nick Williams, Harry Tyrpak, Bob Shane, Giorio Salerno, Thomas Cuddy, Terry Coxall, K. Minouri, Richard Sullivan, Peter Mancus

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