Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N7316C c/n 1018

At Chicago-O'Hare in September 1959 while still in passenger service with TWA (Jon Proctor) Stored at Seattle in March 1968 in Alaska Airlines colors (Jim Morrow via Stephen Miller) Stored at Stewart Airport in Newburg, NY in May 1981 (J. Roger Bentley)
Parked outside Maurice Roundy's home at Auburn-Lewiston Airport in 2006 (RM Pettersen) With new hangar completed, restoration ready to begin in November 2008 (RM Pettersen) The extent of the restoration project is obvious in this September 2013 photo (RM Pettersen)
Restoration was well underway in this August 2016 photo (RM Pettersen) Separated from the wing assembly, the fuselage awaits shipment to Germany (RM Pettersen) Disassembly of the wing will likely result in the aircraft never flying again (RM Pettersen)
  • Current registration - N7316C
  • Delivered to TWA June 1957 as L1649A N7316C "Star of Tigris"
  • Last passenger service with TWA on September 9, 1960
  • Converted to freighter by Lockheed Air Service and returned to TWA November 21, 1960
  • Leased to Alaska Airlines January 1962 and sold to them December 31, 1962
  • Converted to a bulk fuel oil carrier in 1968
  • To Red Dodge Aviation November 16, 1968
  • To Prudhoe Oil Distributing Company December 2, 1968
  • Possibly leased to Interior Airways in 1969
  • Stored at Anchorage, AK by April 1972
  • To Westair September 9, 1974 and flown to Kenai, AK for storage during winter 1974-75
  • To Onyx Aviation November 14, 1975
  • To Burns Aviation January 17, 1976
  • Abandoned at Stewart Airport, NY after arriving from Le Bourget on July 26, 1976
  • To Maine Coast Airways (Maurice Roundy) on May 23, 1983
  • Restored and flown to Auburn-Lewiston Airport, ME on November 9, 1983
  • Stored at Auburn-Lewiston Airport adjacent to Maurice Roundy's home
  • Maurice plans on flying aircraft on the US airshow circuit and restoration underway in August 2002
  • Sold to Jim Thompson, a Florida land developer, and registered to him on April 19, 2006
  • Still on Maurice's property at the Auburn-Lewiston Airport in August 2006 and restoration is continuing at a slow pace under his direction
  • Returned to Maurice in early 2007 due to non-payment
  • Aircraft, along with N974R and N8083H, sold at auction on December 18, 2007 to Lufthansa Berlin-Stiftung
  • An extensive restoration of the aircraft is underway at Auburn-Lewiston Airport by Lufthansa
  • Reassembly began in 2014
  • Fire suppression system inadvertently activated August 14, 2017 inundating the hangar and aircraft with foam and water
  • Little or no damage to aircraft due to August 14th incident and restoration resumed after hangar cleanup completed
  • Lufthansa canceled project in March 2018 and the aircraft was disassembled for shipment to Germany
  • Aircraft fuselage and disassembled wing assembly stored in Auburn hangar awaiting shipment to Germany
  • Fuselage and wing sections transported to Port of Portland September 8, 2019 for shipment to Germany
  • Shipment departed Portland September 17, 2019 and arrived in Bremen, Germany on October 1, 2019
  • Currently stored disassembled in a Bremen warehouse
  • Lufthansa CEO announces in May 2020 cost of failed project was 150M ($162M)
  • Fuselage moved the airport at Paderborn, Germany during the evening hours of 22-23 February 2021
  • By February 2022, all components moved to Paderborn with the exception of the engines which are stored at Lufthansa facility in Hamburg
  • Fuselage and other aircraft components moved to Hamburg in October 2023 for reassembly
  • Lufthansa announces that aircraft and Ju52 D-AQUI will be put on display in Frankfurt at a dedicated visitor and conference center currently under construction in April 2024
  • Planned completion date for facility is 2026 to celebration Lufthansa's 100 year anniversary

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