Lockheed Constellation Survivors

F-BGNJ (F-BRAD) c/n 4519

L1049G F-BRAD June 3, 1971 L1049G F-BRAD May 1, 2004 L1049G F-BGNJ April 8, 2010
On final approach to LeBourget on June 3, 1971 while in service with CATAIR (Steve Williams) In tow at Chateau Bougon Airport on May 1, 2004 to new home at AEROSCOPE Musuem (David Catta) The old girl is looking lovely in Air France colors on April 8, 2010 (Graham Robson)
  • Final registration - F-BRAD
  • Delivered to Air France November 1953 as L1049C F-BGNJ
  • Converted to L1049E and later L1049G
  • Retired by Air France October 30, 1963 and stored at Orly-Paris, France
  • To TAE September 1966 as EC-BEN and painted in full color scheme but never delivered
  • Stored at Orly and possibly sold to a mysterious Panamanian company in August 1967
  • To Air Fret September 5, 1968 as F-BRAD
  • Used on Biafran Airlift
  • To CATAIR on December 31, 1969
  • Retired by CATAIR early 1973
  • Ferried to Nimes-Garons May 1973
  • Ferried to Chateau Bougon Airport, Nantes May 1974 for use as a tourist attraction
  • Painted in the color scheme of the prototype Super Constellation mid-1975
  • Painted in Air France color scheme by 1985
  • French government designated aircraft a "historic monument" in 2001
  • Restoration began ~2001 and aircraft stripped of its Air France color scheme and green primer applied
  • Moved to the future site of AEROSCOPE at Chateau Bougon Airport May 1, 2004
  • Being painted in period Air France colors May 2006
  • "Unofficial" rollout April 16, 2007 in period Air France colors as F-BGNJ
  • Interior restoration to continue with plan to put on display at AEROSCOPE museum in 2009
  • French military authorities prohibited access to aircraft in January 2009 saying it was parked in a restricted military area
  • Military authorities finally relented and aircraft moved to another space on the airport 17/18 October 2009

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