Lockheed Constellation Survivors

5T-TAF c/n 4618

L1049G 5T-TAF March 1986 L1049G 5T-TAF October 2, 1991 L1049G 5T-TAF October 2, 1991
Moved to the town of Kirkop, Malta in 1973 and converted to a restaurant, it was destroyed by a fire set by vandals in January 1997
(Gary Vincent)
The restaurant business appears to be closed and aircraft abandoned in this April 1988 photo
(Udo Haafke)
This Biafran Airlift veteran, pictured in October 1991, was impounded at Luqa, Malta on February 16, 1968 and destined never to fly again
(Steve Williams)
  • Final registration - 5T-TAF
  • Delivered to Transportes Aereos Portugueses (TAP) September 1955 as L1049G CS-TLC
  • Named "Cago Coutinho" in 1960's
  • Made TAP's final Super Constellation flight on September 13, 1967 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Lisbon, Portugal)
  • To International Aerodyne Inc November 3, 1967
  • To North American Aircraft Trading Company (Hank Wharton) November 8, 1967 for use on the Biafran Airlift with false registration 5T-TAF
  • Impounded at Luqa, Malta February 16, 1968 with a load of aircraft tires
  • Abandoned at Luqa and sold at auction November 6, 1972 to Salvatore Bezzina & Sons, Ltd for M3,000
  • Towed to site near village of Kirkop January 9, 1973 and ownership officially transferred on January 10, 1973
  • To BFB Ltd and converted to a restaurant/bar June 1974 at a cost of over M10,000
  • Cockpit, engines and instruments kept intact
  • Restaurant closed ~1988 and aircraft abandoned
  • Malta Aviation Museum Foundation founded 1992 and was interested in restoring the aircraft
  • Burned by vandals January 30, 1997
  • Foundation purchased the remains which included the wings, undercarriage and engines

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