Lockheed Constellation Survivors

CF-NAM c/n 4832

In service with Nordair from 1964 to April 1969, when it was sold to CanRelief Air Ltd
(via J. Roger Bentley)
Derelict at Sao Tome Airport thirty years after being abandoned there in July 1969
(Jakob Ringler)
Things are looking up for CF-NAM in this April 2013 photo. Note the Nordair and JointChurchAir titles still visible on fuselage (Rob Schleiger)
  • To National Airlines October 1957 as L1049H N7134C
  • Stored at Miami, FL from mid-1963 until sold to International Aviation Company December 18, 1964
  • To Nordair December 21, 1964 as CF-NAM
  • Ferried to Montreal where used as a source of spares in ex-National color scheme
  • Restored and entered service with Nordair spring 1966
  • To CanRelief Air Ltd April 24, 1969 and ferried to Sao Tome June 2, 1969 for use on the Biafran Airlift
  • Stored at Sao Tome for sale from January 1970
  • Sale to Canadian freight charter company fell through in 1974
  • Canadian registration cancelled February 1980
  • Abandoned at Sao Tome in derelict condition
  • Plans are underway in July 2007 to declare the aircraft, along with CF-NAL, national monuments to commemorate the humanitarian airlift based out of Sao Tome during the Biafran conflict
  • Aircraft, along with CF-NAL, forms the centerpiece of an airport restaurant
  • Aircraft under cover and incorporated into the Asas D'Avião Restaurante Santola in 2018

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