Lockheed Constellation Survivors

HI-542CT c/n 4825

L1049H N6922C 1957 L1049H HI-542CT June 5, 1990 L1049H HI-542CT February 27, 2006
New and shiny shortly after being delivered to The Flying Tiger Line in 1957 (Art Carter) Landing at Miami International Airport in June 1990 while in service with AMSA
(Aad van der Voet)
Restoration efforts appear to have stalled in this February 2006 photo
Abandoned and parked in a remote area of the airport in this September 2014 photo
(Carlos Aleman)
Located in front of the new Lufthansa cargo terminal in this June 2016 photo
(Chris Carey)
Damage to the right wing caused by the collision with the DC-4 is evident in this photo
(Chris Carey)
  • Final registration - HI-542CT
  • Delivered to Air Finance Corporation June 1957 as L1049H N6922C
  • Leased same day to Flying Tigers Lines
  • To Flying Tiger Lines June 30, 1959
  • To Air America Inc July 7, 1963
  • Dry leased to Lockheed Aircraft Corporation July 16, 1963 for 5 years
  • To Lockheed Aircraft Corporation March 26, 1969
  • To American Jet Industries December 22, 1970
  • To Peterson Enterprises Inc January 11, 1971
  • Flew to New Zealand January 19, 1971 on abortive attempt to fly to the South Pole
  • Returned to US January 23, 1971 and stored
  • To Blue Bell Inc October 19, 1971 in "Wrangler" titles
  • To Downair Ltd June 24, 1973 as C-FBFN
  • Last flight with Downair September 30, 1974 and stored Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada
  • To Paramount Petroleum December 2, 1978 and delivered Miami, FL December 15, 1978
  • N6922C registration reissued February 5, 1979
  • To Air Cargo International March 19, 1979 and restored to the US Registry at Miami with the issuance of a Standard Airworthiness Certificate by the FAA
  • For sale for $225,000 in 1980
  • Left side of aircraft painted in full Iberia color scheme (EC-ARN) on May 28, 1980 for a Bank of America/Iberia commercial
  • Ferried to Ft Lauderdale May 30, 1980 for filming of the commercial
  • To Express Airways at auction on November 24, 1981 and ferried to Sanford, FL December 1, 1981 for storage
  • To AMSA June 1988
  • Ferried Opa Locka Airport, FL July 26, 1988 and registered HI-542CT
  • Struck by a runaway DC-4 February 3, 1992 at Aguadilla-Borinquen Airport, PR resulting in damage to the right wing and main spar
  • Stored at Aguadilla in deteriorating condition
  • Restoration for static display by the Ramey AFB Historical Association as a MATS C-121C began in April 2003
  • By February 2006, restoration efforts appear to have stalled with little apparent progress
  • Still stored in deteriorating condition September 2014
  • Moved to the site of the new Lufthansa Technik MX Hangar sometime after September 2014
  • Observed outside the hangar on January 16, 2020

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