Lockheed Constellation Recently Scrapped

Constellations Recently Scrapped

During the past fifteen years the Lockheed Constellation has been recognized as a historically significant aircraft and very few of the remaining fifty or so airframes have been scrapped. Many of the surviving aircraft have been restored from near-derelict condition and are now valued museum exhibits. In addition to those aircraft confirmed to have been scrapped since 2000, I've included aircraft that were scrapped prior to 2000 but significant portions remain in scrapyards and/or museums.


L749A N608AS c/n 2600--->Scrapped Ryan Field, Tucson, AZ in January 2002

L749A HI-393 c/n 2603--->Scrapped Santo Domingo Airport in 2022/23 timeframe

L749A N6011C c/n 2647--->Remains at scrap yard Arica, Chile

EC-121H 53-535 c/n 4350--->Scrapped at Pima Air & Space Museum in August. Forward fuselage section at Dynamic Aviation in Bridgewater, Virginia 2011

L1049G 5N-83H c/n 4616--->Remains stored at scrapyard Faro, Portugal

L1049G 5T-TAF c/n 4618--->Wings, undercarriage and engines stored Kirkop, Malta


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Propliner Aviation Magazine

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Ralph M. Pettersen

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