Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N6011C c/n 2647

Fairfax Airport - October 1967 N6011C Fuselage at Arica 1999 N6011C Nose Gear Assy - May 6, 2004
Stored at Fairfax Airport, Kansas City in October 1967 (PJ Marson Collection) The fuselage was stored at the ITACA scrap yard for many years...Seen there in 1999 (Claudio Caceres) The nose gear assembly with TWA fleet number "811" still visible after all these years (Rob Jennings)
  • Final registration - N6011C
  • Delivered to TWA September 1950 as L749A N6011C "Star of Missouri"
  • Retired by TWA April 1967 and stored at Fairfax Airport, Kansas City, MO
  • To Aero Tech Inc August 1968 and flown to Tucson, AZ for storage
  • To an unknown operator by November 1969
  • Last flight on November 11, 1969 when engine problems resulted in a three-engine landing at Chacalluta Airport, Arica, Chile
  • Noted at Arica, Chile in all green color scheme May 1971
  • Sold at auction March 13, 1974 for $7,500
  • Fuselage and engines noted at ITACA scrapyard in Arica in 1999
  • Three engines sold to the Dutch Aviodome Museum and used for the restoration of L749A N749NL (c/n 2604)
  • Disassembled aircraft and associated equipment noted at ITACA May 6, 2004

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