Lockheed Constellation Presumed Scrapped

Constellations Presumed Scrapped

During the past fifteen years the Lockheed Constellation has been recognized as a historically significant aircraft and very few of the remaining fifty or so airframes have been scrapped. Many of these aircraft have been restored from near-derelict condition and are now valued museum exhibits. There are also a number of aircraft that have simply faded away and can only be presumed scrapped since there have been no sightings for a number of years.


L749A HI-332 c/n 2522--->Impounded Guajira, Colombia. Presumed scrapped.

L1049 N6903C c/n 4017--->Forward fuselage stored at the Oakland International Airport dump for a number of years. Presumed scrapped some time after October 1999

L1049G BG579 c/n 4687--->Last reported stored Agra-Lohegaon AFB, Pune, India. Presumed scrapped.


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Propliner Aviation Magazine

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