Lockheed Constellation Survivors

BG579 c/n 4687

L1049G VT-DJX Unknown Date L1049G BG-579 January 6, 1984
Between flights while in service with Air India as "Rani of Sagurai" (via J. Roger Bentley) Parked at Lohegaon AFB, Pune, India in January 1984, a few months before retirement (Stephen Piercey)
  • Final registration - BG579
  • Delivered to Air-India International August 1958 as L1049G VT-DJX "Rani of Sagurai"
  • Converted to freighter by Lockheed Air Service August to October 1960
  • Inaugurated Air-India all-cargo service November 15, 1960
  • To Indian Air Force January 16, 1962 as BG579
  • Air India had maintained Indian Air Force and Navy Constellations at their Bombay overhaul base in accordance with the Lockheed maintenance schedule
  • Due to a shortage of spares, Air India decided to terminate Constellation maintenance on March 31, 1984 and thus BG579 operated the Indian Air Force's last Constellation flight on that date
  • Stored at Lohegaon AFB, Pune, India in derelict condition
  • A credible source reports that the aircraft was not at Pune in September 2002, which supports the report that aircraft had been scrapped at Pune

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