Lockheed Constellation Survivors

HI-332 c/n 2522

L749A N105A October 1970 L749A HI-207 May 1972 L749A HI-332 in 1980
Operated by Pacific Air Transport in the late 1960's, seen stored at FTL in October 1970
(Nelson Hare via Stephen Miller)
Quisqueyana flew the last scheduled Connie passenger flight with this aircraft. Seen here at San Juan, PR in May 1972 (William W. Sierra) In service with TRADO in 1979 and 1980. Seen here at San Juan, PR in March 1980 shortly before its ill fated flight to Guajiro (Unknown)
  • Final registration - HI-332
  • Delivered to Eastern Airlines May 1947 as L649 N105A
  • Converted to L749A in 1950
  • Leased to Paramount Airlines, Admiral Airways, Trans California Airlines, Great Lakes Airlines from 1961 to 1966
  • To Great Lakes Airlines October 1966
  • To Huff Airsupply October 1967 and back to Great Lakes May 1968
  • To Pacific Air Transport August 1968
  • Out of service and stored at Ft. Lauderdale in PAT colors by June 1970
  • To Quisqueyana August 1971 as HI-207
  • Quisqueyana operated last scheduled Constellation passenger flight on January 19, 1978
  • To TRADO as HI-332 in 1979
  • To an unknown buyer the last week of February 1980 for a reported $180,000
  • Reportedly written off after attempting a three-engine takeoff from a dirt strip northeast of Riohacha in the Colombian Department of Guajira in early March 1980 while on a smuggling mission
  • Impounded and abandoned in Guajira riddled with bullet holes
  • No reports since 1981

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