Lockheed Constellation Hulks and Wrecks

Constellation Wrecks and Hulks

During the past fifteen years the Lockheed Constellation has been recognized as a historically significant aircraft and very few of the remaining fifty or so airframes have been scrapped. Many of the surviving aircraft have been restored from near-derelict condition and are now valued museum exhibits. There are still a number of aircraft wrecks and hulks scattered around the world. While there is no chance that any of these aircraft will ever fly again or be restored for static display, I still consider them "survivors."


L749A HI-328 c/n 2607--->Aircraft resting in about 150 feet of water off the coast of St Thomas, Virgin Islands

F-BAZS c/n 2628--->Aircraft resting in 842 feet of water off the Turkish coast

C-121J BuN 131644 c/n 4145--->Wreckage at Williams Field, McMurdo Station, Antarctica

L1049H N11SR c/n 4581--->Remains at Almad Al Jaber Airbase, Kuwait

L1649A N7311C c/n 1013--->Remains of fuselage and wings Colchane, Chile


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