Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N7311C c/n 1013

L1649A N7311C February 1962 L1649A N7311C April 2004
Converted to a freighter in 1960, seen at Idlewild Airport (JFK), New York in February 1962 awaiting a load of cargo (Mel Lawrence) There's not much left of this once proud airliner in this April 2004 photo taken near Colchane, Chile (Helge Huber)
  • Final registration - N7311C
  • Delivered to TWA May 1957 as L1649A N7311C "Star of Ebro"
  • Last passenger service with TWA on August 17, 1960
  • Converted to freighter by Lockheed Air Service and returned to TWA October 20, 1960
  • Retired December 1966 and stored at Mid Continent Airport, Kansas City, MO
  • To California Airmotive Corporation September 20, 1967
  • Leased to Trans American Leasing Inc ~December 1968
  • Damaged during an emergency landing at a small airport in Colchane, Chile on March 26, 1969 after a double engine failure
  • Partial remains of fuselage and wing photographed at Colchane in April 2004

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