Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N90831 c/n 1970

L049 N90831 July 29, 1967 L049 N90831 Sep 1968 L049 N90831 Nov 2000
At Boeing Field, Seattle, WA on July 29, 1967
(Jim Morrow via Stephen Miller)
At Boeing Field, Seattle, WA in September 1968
(Ted Gibson)
At the Pima Air and Space Museum in November 2000
(RM Pettersen)
  • Final registration - N90831
  • USAAF from June 1945 to March 1946 as C-69 42-94549
  • Leased TWA August 1945 to March 1946
  • To TWA as L049 N90831 "Star of Switzerland" October 1948
  • Damaged at Las Vegas on March 30, 1961 when left main gear retracted while aircraft parked on ramp
  • To Las Vegas Hacienda Inc April 61 in damaged condition
  • Repaired using left wing of N9409H (c/n 2074)
  • Leased World Wide Airlines July 1962, Consolidated Airlines mid-1963, Standard Airways mid-1963 and Dellair April 1964
  • To Trans World Insurance Brokers December 1964 and stored at Long Beach, CA
  • Returned to Las Vegas Hacienda July 1965
  • Painted in Air Belize International markings late 1965 but never operated by them
  • To McCullough Properties Inc December 1965 trading as Lake Havasu City
  • To Allied Aircraft Sales May 1970
  • To Southwestern Skyways June 1970 and flown from Lake Havasu City, AZ to Tucson International Airport June 23, 1970
  • Traded to USAF Museum in September 1970 for HU-16 Grumman Albatross
  • Flown from Tucson International Airport to Davis Monthan AFB February 5, 1971
  • To Pima Air Museum on loan from the USAF Museum in April 1971
  • Restoration began 1977 by volunteer TWA personnel
  • Handed over to museum in February 1980
  • Currently on display at the Pima Air and Space Museum in late 1940's TWA colors "Star of Switzerland"
  • Only surviving C-69

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