Lockheed Constellation Survivors

N420NA c/n 4143

NASA based their Constellation fleet at Baltimore's Friendship Airport during the 1960's and early 1970's
(Unknown Photographer)
The Constellations tested tracking stations around the world for NASA's space programs
(Nick Williams via Peter J. Marson)
The forward fuselage has been stored for many years at Wade's Salvage Yard in Atco, NJ
(Dave Broome)
The forward fuselage was essentially destroyed when harvested for the manufacture of PLANETAGS
(Doug Scroggins)
  • Final registration - N420NA
  • Delivered to US Navy October 1953 as R7V-1 BuN 131642
  • To USAF C-121G 54-4065 September 1959 "City of San Francisco"
  • Leased to NASA September 1963
  • Based at Friendship Airport, Baltimore, Maryland as NASA 420
  • Used for tracking tests at worldwide flight tracking stations for Mercury, Gemini and Agena space programs
  • Re-registered N420NA June 1969
  • Withdrawn from use by NASA and transferred to US Army at Aberdeen Proving Grounds January 1973
  • Used for testing the effects of explosive devices on aircraft structures
  • For sale by DoD at Aberdeen Proving Grounds August 1978
  • Subsequently scrapped
  • Forward fuselage photographed at Wade's Salvage Yard in Atco, New Jersey November 2020
  • Forward fuselage destroyed March 2023 when skin harvested for manufacture of PLANETAGS

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