Gerard Helmer Photos

Gerard Helmer Connie and Super Connie Photos

May 2009

Gerard Helmer has been photographing airliners around the world since the 1970s and currently has 5,000+ photos published on the mega website Gerard has an eye for vintage airliners and his collection includes many of these aircraft in propliner hotspots such as Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Opa-locka, Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa, Tucson and Santo Domingo. It is truly fascinating to browse through his photo collection on and I have included, on this page, many of the Constellations and Super Constellations he has photographed through the years. Congratulations to Gerard on his fine photo collection and thanks for permitting me to include them on my website for all of you to enjoy.

Ralph M. Pettersen
May 2009

Photo Credits: Gerard Helmer

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