Breitling DC-3 Flight

Breitling DC-3 Sightseeing Flight

April 30, 2011

Propliner enthusiast Rainer Spoddig reports on his April 2011 flight onboard Breitling DC-3A HB-IRJ.......

The Super Constellation Flyers Association had planned on flying Breitling Super Connie HB-RSC on April 30th to celebrate the completion of her 18 month restoration and repaint. Breitling DC-3A HB-IRJ was to join her but alas all the required paperwork had not been completed and HB-RSC was not to fly that day. Propliner enthusiast Rainer Spoddig had booked a flight on HB-IRJ hoping to get some air-to-air shots of the Super Connie but settled for a sightseeing flight on the immaculate vintage DC-3. He was kind enough to share his story and photos of the flight.

“On the occasion of the rollout ceremony of Breitling’s freshly restored Super Connie in Lahr, Germany on April, 30 2011, I took the chance to book a flight in their DC-3A. Only members of the Super Constellations Flyers Association (SCFA) have the privilege of booking a flight on the DC-3. Built in 1940 as DC-3-277B, she was delivered to American Airlines as NC25658 “Flagship Cleveland.” She remained in passenger service her entire career, flying for the US-Army, Provincetown Boston Airlines, Eastern Express, Bar Harbor Airlines and Champlain Air. Francisco Agullo bought the DC-3 in 2008 in Florida and, after restoration and repainting at Opa-locka Airport by Carlos Gomez, she was flown to Switzerland and given the new registration HB-IRJ. Although 71 years old, the aircraft has been very well taken care of during her lifetime and is in pristine condition. Originally it was planned to fly side by side with the Super Connie for air-to-air photography but, due to some outstanding paperwork issues, the Connie had to remain on the ground. Instead, the DC-3 performed a low altitude sightseeing flight over the beautiful landscape of the “Black Forest” in southern Germany.
Many thanks to Rainer for sharing his story and photos.

Rainer Spoddig
April 2011

Photo Credits: Rainer Spoddig

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